Power Supplies

My Projects with power supplies

Converting Computer Power Supplies (PSU) to stabilized 13.8 V DC 20 A: With a few modifications and two additional resistors you are able to modify an old AT or ATX PC power supply unit to a stabilized 13.8 Volts / 20 Amps power supply.

Modifying an old ATX-PSU to 14 Volts 19 Amperes: Some pictures about one of my ATX-Modifications.

Power supply from 2.4 to 23 volts adjustable from an old AT or ATX PSU: This is a guide about how to quite simply attract an adjustable lab power supply of about 2.4 to 23 volts, possibly from an AT or ATX power supply. Such old AT or ATX power supplies from old computers have needed nothing. The output current depends on the performance of the used PC power supply. For the conversion described here only power supply units into consideration, which use the widespread IC KA7500 for the scheme come. Other designations are KA7500B, TL494 or DBL494.

1 – 250 Volt regulated DC Power Supply: For my experiments with electronic tubes I needed a voltage regulated power supply from 1 Volts to 250 Volts DC. Later I used this circuit in my homemade tubetester.

Easy Car Battery Charger: You can us a modified PSU for charging car batteries. However a safety circuit is strongly recommended. The reverse battery protection avoids hazards.