Stereo Audio Amplifier with one TDA2005 2 x 6 Watt

Stereo Audio Amplifier with one TDA2005 2 x 6 Watt

With one single TDA2005 you can build your own stereo ampliefier, which I placed in a slot of my PC case.

TDA2005 from an old care radio made in 1993.

Top view of the pin connections diagram for the TDA2005

TDA2005 as stereo amplifier. R3 and R5 has 3.3 Ohm. The supply voltage Vs is about 14 Volts.

This is the way I built up the stereo amplifier in the ugly contstuction style.

It is a homemade construction. However it works very good thanks to the good grounding surface.

How to avoid unwanted oscillation: It is very important, that the input terminals of the TDA2005 are connected to resistors, which have 10 kOhms or less. With open input terminals the TDA2005 become a shortwave oscillator.  In practice you use a 10 kOhm potentiometer connected to the input terminal of the TDA2005.

First run of my amplifier on my workbench. No distortion, no hum and no noise.

The output level of a soundcard can be to high. A 56 kOhm resistor reduces the voltage to a normal level.

The circuit board is placed on piece of plywood.

It fits into a pc case.

Front view of my amplifier in my PC.

Inside my PC,

Th back of my PC with the two plugs for the loudspeakers.