Modifying an old ATX-PSU to 14 Volts 19 Amperes

Some pictures about one of my ATX-modifications. The principals of  PSU modifications are described on

The ATX PSU after the modification.

Before the modification.

The label gives us a piece of information about the power and performance.

Before modifying you have to check out with some old car bulbs for 12 Volts if the the old PSU is still working. Without a load on +5 Volts the PSU will not work. Therefore you need a car bulb as a load.

Inside the PSU is not very much space for the modification.

The output circuit of the PSU.

The output cables are desoldered and removed. Now you have space for the voltage devider.

The PCB is ready for the modification.

The new front panel.

A sheet of aluminium for the new front.

New cables and the voltage devider on the right corner of the PCB.

There was not very much space for the new power switch.

The opened PSU after the modification.

The modified PSU in action.